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Chemring Energetics UK is the world’s leading supplier of pyro-mechanical actuation devices to the fire and explosion suppression market. Key blue chip customers include Tyco, Kidde and Amerex.

Most modern fire systems incorporate Metron Actuators due to their unique performance characteristics and ability to operate in demanding environments.

The ability of our products to activate rapidly – many of which function in less than 20 milliseconds – means they are deployed where there is a requirement for an instant response. Fire suppression is one such area that utilises this feature to full effect.

fire suppression technology

Most commonly in fire suppression systems, Metron Actuators are employed to open cylinder valves – where the piston of the actuator operates directly onto the stem valve. Other uses include electrical activation of sprinkler bulbs and vent closure or breaking of frangible links.

Metron Actuators can also be used in conjunction with CO2 bottles to ressurise fire suppression cylinders and their compact size makes them particularly suited to automotive fire suppression systems.

Use Cases

Leading the way in passenger and driver safety

The expertise of two companies in fire protection continues to lead the way in passenger and driver safety as bus manufacturers and operators face major legal and technological challenges. Within the next two years all engine compartments on the estimated 900,000 buses and coaches which carry passengers on Europe’s roads must be fitted with fire suppression systems.