About us


For over 100 years, in over 50 countries, Chemring has been supplying the world’s most demanding customers – in aerospace, defence and security – with innovative solutions.

At Chemring, we use our world-class expertise and innovation to protect people, platforms, missions and information against constantly-changing threats. 

Supported by our core values of safety, excellence and innovation, we help to make the world a safer place for our customers with our high-tech sensors, information, countermeasures and energetics solutions.

close up of us first responder testing juno large

Working with major customers around the world. Chemring is a world leading manufacturer of pyrotechnic and ballistic, some systems for the aerospace space and defense markets, manufacturing safety, critical components. Our products provide mission critical and emergency functionalities such as canopy cutting and pilot ejector seat deployment, space launches and missiles. Self-destruct systems operators and prime contractors depend on our very high reliability, single use devices in order to save lives and deliver mission success where failure is not an option. With expertise in the science and manufacturing of highly reliable energetic solutions, Chemring Energetics, businesses support space exploration industry, and the armed forces, Chemring innovating to protect.

Our Chemring Energetics UK business is highly skilled in design, manufacture, assembly, testing and through-life support of energetic technologies. We apply our extensive expertise, including our mechanical and electronic capabilities, to produce explosive and propellant products that meet our customers demanding applications.

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